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Once the CEO and Inner Circle are behind the concepts and beliefs of the company it is time to roll this out the entire business. This can be thought of as expanding the inner circle. This is where the real benefits of all the work are really felt. The atmosphere of the company really starts to change and productivity changes for the better. This can only be done if everyone really lives the company values and purpose though. There can be no reneging when times are hard or because a well liked senior staff members goes against the new vision. Here it is all or nothing.


Obviously this may be rolled out according to company structure and management layers. Company training here will concentrate on making the staff feel safe and empowered. That the vision and values are real, will be followed and are not just lip service. That everyone is subject to them. That all managers are already behind them. That now is the time that they will demonstrate this change to everyone including clients.

Feedback and listening are critical here and a system should be put in place that rewards following the new behaviours and demonstrates zero tolerance of unacceptable behaviours.

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