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Meet the Team



Karen Cobb


Behind every business person there is a partner and Jeremy is no exception. Karen, his wife, is very much part of the Culture Coach team. She is absolutely part of the vision and knows every inch of the company. Does she work in it? No. Is she part of it? Yes, every single day.

Jeremy Cobb


The Owner of The Culture Coach and the Hypnotist in the Hat. Jeremy is the Passion and the Vision behind the company. A lifelong enabler of others joy and vision himself it is now his pleasure to be in the Coaching and Culture business.

Who is Next

A N Other

Is that it?! Currently yes, that is it. I do it all. Well that is not true, I have accountants and Virtual PA's and designers and Printers, CRM experts and even my own Coach. All necessary to my journey to my why. Helping you. The best of those are listed below. You should definitely have the same. I wonder who will be next in my team? Exciting isn't it.
Partners that help deliver the Dream

Helen Dibble

My Marketing advisor, a Great Freelance writer, blogger, ebook writer and much much more. It is best to read about her, for obvious reasons, here. Or in her blog, here.

Peter Brassington

If you don't have a good numbers man, you don't know the numbers! This is mine and he is very good indeed. Hailing from Leon Herman Chartered Accountants.

Chris Moran

The ever so hard working Chris Moran. Helps us with our back office and CRM. A very helpful man whose knowledge is hidden behind a relaxed attitude, don't be fooled. Find him here.

Jonathan Chase

Jonathan Chase is one of the most experienced and proficient stage hypnotists in the UK and one of the best trainers of hypnotists in the world. My Hypnosis Coach for all those reasons and a thoroughly nice bloke to boot.

Dan Cahill

If you like my logo there is a reason, Dan. A hugely talented Graphic designer capable of creating a logo and brand that is very personal to you or your company, clearly. He listens, and puts up with endless amends until it is just right. I am delighted, I know you would be too. Find him here.
Away Helping, leave a message

I am not around right now. But you can send me an email and I will get back to you, asap.

Questions,confused or need help? I love to help!

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