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Although in Various forms this concept has been around in business and wider leadership for many generations this has been clarified of late by Simon Sinek.

The concept of the “Golden Circle” and “Start with why” is fundamental to all CEO and owner managers of any organisation. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. It is however not easy to grasp and maintain.

At its heart is the idea that most businesses are started by doing people. When a doing person releases a product or service they tend to talk about products and unique selling points (USP), or benefits.

In fact we teach our salespeople to talk in that language. Here is our range of cars, this one is small and economical, this one is big and luxurious, they are all well built with a 7 year warranty.

Clearly we all need a little bit of doing in us but if all we are is a practical doer then we tend to lack vision, particularly long term vision.

Simon highlighted that the major difference between good companies and really great ones are leaders than have a cause, a passion, a purpose as to WHY they set up their company in the first place, AND they never lost sight of this. Not when the money is tight, not when it rolls in. Not when they gained loads more staff, or three layers of management or spread to 50 countries. The WHY remained and they talk about this FIRST.

So they might say, “I have always dreamed that every person should be able to get to work without difficulty” we do that by making well built cars with a 7 year warranty. We have a car to suit every worker from luxurious to the little economic runaround.

It is reversed, Dream, USP, products. 

This way people hear the vision first, and it is this dream they will connect with. Ultimately no one cares about one car compared to another, BUT some people will care about the cause of getting to work. It is emotive.

It is these emotive causes that are there in the lives of the CEO’s all along from the early days of their lives.  It was this purpose that kept them going through adversity and drove them to higher heights in success.

It was this why that attracted customers, who then became much more, they joined the cause. Fans. Raving Fans. Who unbidden told the world about the why.

It was this why that attracted high level talent to knock on the doors of these companies wanting to work for them. To add to the cause, join it, progress it.

It was this why that made these companies some of the most profitable and stable the world has seen in good times and bad.

It all starts with getting your why straight and that I can help with.

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