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By now you understand why you exist and have leaders that create circles of protection and eat last. You will have clear Visions and Values and you will have staff who feel safe and happy, fully engaged with why your company does what it does. Finally youw will have also created remarkable products, worthy of remark. This creates initial customers who get and connect emotionally to all of the above.

Your first clients will be raving fans, they will get you in an instant and will want more and more. They will use and show your products like badges of membership AND They will tell the world about you and rave all the time about your products and services.

It is your job to nurture these initial clients they are very important BUT you probably cannot exist on them alone. So you must rely on their communication and understanding of your why, through your remarkable products to tell the world about you. The more raving fans you have the greater the chance you have of tipping your product into the large majority of customers who don’t need to understand you so well but rely on their expert friends advice to buy.

We all have a computer geek friend and a car expert and possibly that guy that knows all about gadgets and the legal friend who you would call if you were in a bind and …

They are each and every one raving fans of someone. When you ask who should I use, they will tell you without a moments hesitation. It is this recommendation that you need for your company. When it happens you will hit the tipping point. You won’t just have fans buying but lots of ordinary people.

Do this right and you become and industry or even social trend and this alone can make your company. Do it wrong and you will always struggle to differentiate yourself from the next guy that makes your kind of product and service.

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