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So you have a great Why.

Your Vision is set.

Your Values are clear.

You have great managers that clear the way and eat last

Your staff are engaged and understand the Vision and talk about it first and have clear Value language. 

Your Clients are engaging with that vision and are asking about your products.

Whenever anyone talks product it must be…

Remarkable – Worthy of remark.

After all if you don’t have remarkable products that your Fans can talk about, to others, then they are not going to be able to! So now is the time you make it shiny and clever; remarkable! Different is key here.

Authentic – It must demonstrate that you are following your Vision and Values. Your Why.

It must fit with your reason for existence. People are buying into your vision and want to buy your products and services as a demonstration of loyalty. There is no point if you are the green party, selling petrol guzzling cars. It contradicts your vision and your clients will see it as a problem. 

All of your language, PR, advertising, letters, emails, products, gifts, suppliers, everything must fit with your why, Vision and Values. This includes your staff behaviour, especially at the top.

When you get this right your fans will buy your products as membership badges to your cause, as much as products alone. They will pay a premium and put up with great inconvenience to do so. 

N.B. Don’t believe me, check out the waiting list for a Harley Davidson, or the queues for day one Iphone release, or the price premium of innocent smoothies. 


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