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I Want to Work Better!

“I want to work better”, this still rings in my ears. let me tell you why.

A long day lead to a evening at the local Carvery. A quick meal we thought before we had to both start again, we were due at our church.

Sadly this was not to be. After a fairly long wait we were shown to our table and our drinks order taken. I am a forgiving chap and always up for a chat to cheer up a person who is having a bad day. So when we had to chase our drinks having eaten, I asked what the problem was.

I was volunteered this information; “I am the only waitress on tonight. I am run off my feet. I want to work better but I just can’t. I can’t even complain. My manager is upstairs with a broken leg. I am really sorry for the delay and I will try to do better but I don’t think I can. I am so angry. It lets you down and means that I can’t show you the service I want to give you.”

She then took a breath, smiled a bit and ran off for our drinks.

Now the thing is this is, this is no exception at this place and we are starting to vote with our feet. I expect our waitress will do so soon too. Sad, really because the solutions are so apparent and they are nothing to do with staff willingness. Quite obviously. In fact they are going to lose yet another good member of staff and struggle even further.

She, let’s call her Jennie, was set up to fail on every level. She was expected to cover nearly 40 tables, I am sure that she would not normally do this alone but even so, the process of doing this required that she visit each and every one of those tables at least 5 times and often 8 or 9. Jennie could never manage this on a good day let alone when a colleague was away.

This is however no posh restaurant, it is a down to earth honest and basic carvery. Expectations on service are exactly that, basic. A simple change of flow would sort many of the problems that existed here with NO extra staff.

OF course they do need some, desperately, to increase the service level. That would not only increase service levels and make staff happier and more efficient it would increase turnover too. Most of our visit was spent waiting. Remove that and you can serve more people, which means more money in the tills, from happier customers.

So when I say to your staff, “yes you can complain”, and I did, I really do mean it with the very best of intentions.

If your staff are complaining, maybe it is your process or management that is the problem and not the staff member that is moaning? They might just want to work better. For you.

Can that really be all that bad? Lets just not get in their way.

If this or any of my Blog articles raises issues that seem familiar then please do call me or email. My contact details can be found on my webpage

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