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The political budget

George Osborne is about to give the budget of his life and his party. I am sure it will be full of pleasing things for all of the voting public. Well the voting public that are blue anyway. Basically a desperate attempt to court more votes.

You know what would would get my vote? This..

“We do not expect to be voted in again, after all caring for the country in a recession is not popular. So, this budget will be to lay a foundation of financial support for everyone, in our absence. Rich or poor, any creed any colour, employed, employer or retired this budget will ensure that you will be safer, healthier, more educated and happier living in the UK than ever before.”

Except that won’t happen will it.

Politics needs to be long term more now than ever. Yet, gone are the men who created the NHS, public education, the Bank of England or health and safety.

Now we have men and women who wish to be in politics to make money for themselves and those they know. It is a dark and vile time.


So when George stands up in fifteen minutes. Think what will he think of you after you have voted?

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