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Everybody in Business knows that you set SMART goals.

(specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound. )

We have one to one meetings with our staff and we insist that we set SMART targets and long term goals for them to achieve.

Some even have SMART (ER) Goals. Add ( Evaluate, Review)

BUT when it comes to Visions and Values of the company we always so, well, Vague. Then we expect our staff to uphold this vagueness and our customers to identify with it. This is never going to happen.

Creating Company Vision and Values is not simple or quick but creating a Vision with clarity That is SMART is fundamental to helping your staff understand why they are there. 

Equally your Values should communicate WHO should be there helping fulfil that vision. If you don’t identify with the company values then you should not be here.

When that happens your staff will live the vision and talk it all the time, not because you have told them to but because they share it. THEN you as a company will attract clients that ALSO share in the vision and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

It is the Senior Management Team’s job to create and make clear the Vision and Values.

It is the Leader’s job to attract and employ staff who fit with the values and believe in the vision.

It is every member of staff’s responsibility to talk vision and value first to attract clients that believe what you believe.

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