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A Good Leader of People, a Good Manager too Knows that they are not there to do the job, or take the glory.

Leaders create the environment that their people can perform in. They provide everything their people need. They train them to be able to do the job. They Clear the way, and get out of the way.

They are humble in celebration, giving most credit to those that do.

They do NOT do.

Great leaders Protect in times of trouble. Defend their people from harm and stress and concern.

They are at the back in the good times and at the front in the bad times.

All this and more is the concept of Leaders eat Last. Coming from Military concepts of leadership again developed by Simon Sinek. He noticed that in the military we give medals to those who show extraordinary personal sacrifice so that others might gain, whereas in business we reward those who sacrifice others for their own personal gain.

Going against the biology of our social brain this will always rancour when we see it, and will always cause unrest and resentment within a company. This will lower productivity.

It is Critical that your organisation’s managers and leaders intimately understand how to encourage and bolster staff NOT attack and bully, as it all to common. Again this I can help you with.

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