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Every Employee will subconsciously measure how well you are treating them as a manager and as senior management. They will measure how safe they feel, how stressed you make them, how much they feel they can develop, and many other intangible things. 20 in all.

Do these things well and your staff will feel happy, safe, and connected to your company. Their productivity will go up and their trust in each other and you will rise over time.

Do these things badly and they will disengage from your company and do one of two things. Quit, or worse quit and stay right where they are, drawing a salary.

This is known in the industry as Employee Engagement.

None of this is their fault. No one starts a job disengaged. Management do it to them.

Through early surveys, measuring all 20 areas of engagement, and targeted training poor management techniques can be identified and trouble areas dealt with early, and good managers can be used as examples of best practice. This is best as part of a company wide push on Vision and Values but can be stand alone.

This is never part of a name and shame expose. Rather it is part of a training improvement system to bring managers up to speed with the latest ways to make staff happier and more productive.

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