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Brand Values

It is incredibly important that you know your Brand Values. Everything you sell and everything you do must be marketed to the right people in the right way with the right language. Every marketing expert will tell you so.

So why then do some company products speak to us in a way that others just don’t? Some Brands you just deep down know what you are getting into, almost without being able to say why.

Well, I am sorry to say that is no accident. If you think an Apple phone is a Shiny, easy to to use, beautiful, experience that is “just better somehow” than all those others. You have been most successfully spoken to by a very clever¬†brand. If you think VW cars are a little sporty but ultimately very reliable and will go on forever.. guess what?

Don’t get me wrong these things may be true, ¬†or not. The question is are Apple phones truly actually better than all the alternatives? Are VW cars more reliable and solid? It really doesn’t matter, we think so because their Brand Values have spent years telling us to.


here is the rub.

Apple and VW and CocoaCola and all the great brands can ruin it all tomorrow. In one fell swoop. Just like you can and I can. How?

By being inauthentic to our true self.

You see, if you had ever seen Steve Jobs using an Android phone to make a Call back stage of a Iphone Launch, the scandal would never had ended. If the Iphone is so great how come he needs an Android just to make calls?

If the bosses of VW ever get into a car that is not part of the VW group? Do the Bosses of Coke actually Like coke?

and deeper than that, do the brand values of every single product and service sold by a company fit perfectly with the company values and its cause?

You see ultimately there is absolutely no point is being a company who purpose is to save lives, if half your products do, but to finance them you have to sell dolls that choke small children. Worse if you are a company that really doesn’t care as long and money rolls in, you will be caught and you clients will leave.

You see Brands now are increasingly defined not by you but by your clients. The people who use your products and services. If they say your products is shallow, useless and expensive then that is your brands values. They will tell the world far quicker and more effectively than you ever possibly can.

VW, Coke, Apple they all know this, The question is do you? Do you even know what your company Values are, Do you live and breathe them? Are they branded into you? Really?

When you know them all, perfectly, then creating good brand values for what you do is easier than you might think.

If you are struggling with this or any issues raised by my blog articles then why not give me a call or drop me an email. My contact details can be found on my webpage at

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