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The political budget

George Osborne is about to give the budget of his life and his party. I am sure it will be full of pleasing things for all of the voting public. Well the voting public that are blue anyway. Basically a […]

I Want to Work Better!

“I want to work better”, this still rings in my ears. let me tell you why. A long day lead to a evening at the local Carvery. A quick meal we thought before we had to both start again, we […]

Brand Values

It is incredibly important that you know your Brand Values. Everything you sell and everything you do must be marketed to the right people in the right way with the right language. Every marketing expert will tell you so. So […]

Values even in the tough times

As you know I am passionate about companies knowing and working to values. Know why you do what you do and the rest is easy. Of course this is easy to do when it is plain sailing but when the […]

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