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Archive for May, 2014

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What is your Story

What is your story? Today I was reminded how important this can be, with genuine tears, provoked by an 11 year old’s story. Today the finalists of the BBC radio 2 500 words competition were announced and they were quite […]

Job For Life.

It was not so long back that you had a job for life when you joined a company. You were taken on, often as an apprentice and trained up until skilled, you then spent 40-45 years delivering those every increasing […]

The Popular Kid

We can’t all be the popular kid, we can’t all be trendy and try as we might your products and services are the same. Sometimes we just have to settle for being plain and awkward. There is a certain beauty […]

UKIP’s Political clarity

Before I make this post, let me be clear, I am not a UKIP supporter or voter. Never have been or will be. BUT.. You know why they are getting any ground at all in the UK? UKIP have absolute […]

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